Self-Sabotage Unmasked – Recognizing And Resisting Self-Defeating Behaviours

Self-sabotage is any behavior or thought pattern that gets in the way of your progress toward your goals. It shows up in many forms including negative self-talk, procrastination, perfectionism, poor boundaries, avoidance, and self-destructive behaviors […]

The Art Of Stress Management – Practical Tips & Tools For Improving Health And Happiness

Medical research estimates as much as 90% of illness and disease is stress-related. Some stress can be healthy and is a natural response to perceived threats or challenges, but chronic and ongoing stress can most […]

Creating Change In The World – Exclusive Interview With Christy Roberts

Christy is a change maker, working primarily with high achievers, leaders and corporates. She thrives on empowering individuals and teams to create and live their best life – despite the many challenges it can throw […]

How To Build And Maintain A Healthy Relationship

Building a healthy and successful relationship is a journey that requires effort, patience, and effective communication. However, along the way, many couples experience relationship pitfalls that can derail their progress and cause problems. By recognizing […]

How Working With A Life Coach And Self Directed Healing Practitioner Can Change Your Life

Working with a life coach and self-directed healing (SDH) practitioner can help you create a more fulfilling and meaningful life by helping you identify and achieve your goals, overcome obstacles, and develop a greater sense […]

Discovering The Steps For Better Work-Life Balance

In today’s relentlessly busy world, juggling all the constant demands while maintaining balance sounds like a myth. Yet, we all have the power to create change in our lives. The problem is that we’re not […]

7 Steps To Living A Life Filled With Passion And Purpose

Life is meant to be fully lived, it’s why we are here. Imagine your life is a Hollywood movie and you’re the writer. You can scribble it out, tear it up and start again whenever […]

13 Tips For Grieving During The Festive Season

When someone you love dies, special occasions like Christmas, New Year, birthdays, and many other days that were once joyful and celebrated are now a huge trigger for our grief. A constant reminder that our […]

9 Smart Goal-Setting Questions You Need To Ask Yourself

Living with meaning and purpose is like rocket fuel for humans. Did you know the average person spends more time planning a holiday than planning their life? A Harvard Business Study showed that 14% of […]

Why New Year is tough for grievers and what to do about it

New Year is one of the hardest days for those grieving. In this article I explain the significance of the New Year in relation to grief, and provide strategies to enable you to view and process this in a more empowering way.

20 Tips For A Good Night’s Sleep

Poor sleep is a massive problem in our society today. It affects millions of people across the world. Getting a good night’s sleep is not just about how many hours you’re getting, it’s also about […]

4 Reasons We Procrastinate And How To Break The Pattern

Procrastination is a common pitfall that way too many of us fall into. When we procrastinate, our attention is diverted somewhere else or our time is filled up with meaningless tasks. This means we’re not […]

Grief and Optimism

How does an optimist deal with grief? When my cheeky, charismatic, 18-year-old son Aaron died suddenly in a car accident last year, it felt like the very foundations of my world collapsed from underneath my feet.   My […]

Embracing Vulnerability

For many of us, to be vulnerable means to be weak, fearful, hurt and open to betrayal. In western culture we’ve been raised that it’s not polite, or socially acceptable, to display our emotions and pain.

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