Creating Change In The World – Exclusive Interview With Christy Roberts

Creating Change In The World – Exclusive Interview With Christy Roberts

Christy is a change maker, working primarily with high achievers, leaders and corporates. She thrives on empowering individuals and teams to create and live their best life – despite the many challenges it can throw our way. She offers Corporate Wellbeing & Productivity Workshops, 1:1 Coaching, Self Directed Healing & Grief Education.

What is your business and how do you help your clients?

Creating Change guides and supports people to live their best life, tap into their potential, and show up as their best self.

As a Life Coach, Healer and Educator, I am passionate about creating and delivering Workshops and Coaching that focuses on the biggest challenges that people face in life, like grief, trauma, self-sabotage, feeling stuck, anxious, overwhelm, anger, stress and burnout.

I help my clients by achieving fast and sustainable results. My work has a strong focus on teaching the crucial skills we never learnt at school that are necessary to successfully navigate life. For example:

  • emotional intelligence and balance
  • navigating successful relationships
  • productivity and time management
  • effective communication skills
  • overcoming procrastination and self-sabotage
  • healing the deepest of emotional pain like grief, trauma, old wounds and triggers
  • developing your mindset for success and results
  • building healthy habits
  • designing and living your best life
  • how to be truly happy, motivated and inspired

The workshops we currently offer are:

  • Master Your Time – Master Your Life
  • Crucial Conversations
  • Emotional Balance
  • All About Fatigue
  • Work-life Balance
  • Living with Grief and Trauma

Tell us about your greatest career achievements so far

I am very proud of my work and achievements to date. I am the only person in the world with my unique skill set.

I was recently formally recognised as a finalist in the 2023 Australian Small Business Champion and 2022 Australian Women’s Small Business Champion Awards.

I am the Global Self Directed Healing Practitioner Trainer, a Life & Results Coach, and Certified Grief Educator.

I have recently joined David Kessler’s Tender Hearts team as a Moderator in their worldwide Online Grief Support Group.

In addition, I have a strong HR and Organisational Development background of over 20 years, across many sectors, plus I have worked as a 000 operator.

Tell us about a pivotal moment in your life that brought you to where you are today.

I discovered Self Directed Healing while working at a Wellbeing Festival. I was blown away by the process and the audience’s reaction. It was quite remarkable, seeing such deep emotional healing and transformations occur so quickly.

The very next morning tragedy imploded my world and my cheeky, fun loving, 18-year-old son Aaron died in a car accident. The grief I experienced was overwhelmingly brutal. The emotional, mental and spiritual pain was so intense, that it quickly escalated into strong physical symptoms.

I knew I needed help but I’d also done enough work to know I didn’t need to be medicated to numb my pain and keep me trapped in it for longer.

Despite being a life coach, I did not have the tools, education, or ability to cope with and process grief or trauma. The grief quickly manifested physically in my body in many ways, including weight loss and heart palpitations.

I quickly recognised that we are living in a very grief-illiterate and emotionally immature society. I knew something had to change, so I became the change.

I did a Self Directed Healing Session and it was a monumental step in understanding what is truly possible in healing the human body.

Fast forward to today, I am now the Global trainer, having trained over 200 Self Directed Healing Practitioners worldwide (so far!).

What kind of audience do you target your business towards?

Given the holistic nature and approach of my work, I have 3 key audiences.

  1. High Achievers and Leaders
  2. Corporates looking for team training
  3. Individuals struggling with grief, trauma and life transitions

Our Creating Change workshops are a game-changing solution for a team’s well-being and productivity.

They are full of practical hands-on tips for improving well-being and performance with the ultimate goal of improving mental, emotional and physical well-being both in the workplace and in people’s lives. Moving them towards living life with passion and purpose.

Professional Development Workshops combined with Health & Wellbeing initiatives are an important strategy for business success, productivity, and growth. If organizations value and look after their leaders & employees, they will have a better workplace culture and higher staff engagement and retention.

Whether you’re looking to reduce stress, increase efficiency, shift culture, improve work-life balance, or enhance team collaboration, our workshops offer transferable skills that can be applied both personally and professionally.

Plus I work 1:1 with many high achievers and leaders across the globe, helping them to get the results they want, while at the same time finding their balance across the many different aspects of their life.

What are your current goals for your business?

I have 3 key goals:

  1. Raise societal awareness by increasing literacy around grief and trauma. We all experience this in some form or other, it’s part of life.
  2. Teach people how to heal themselves and that healing is possible no matter the situation.
  3. Demonstrate and guide people to tap into their potential and live their best life.

I’m here to teach people it’s natural and normal to feel and express their emotional pain, and show them how to process these deep emotions in healthy ways.

I am currently working towards creating a Group Coaching Program called The SOL Program (School of Life). The SOL focus is on key aspects of a person’s life journey eg: career, relationships, health & wellbeing, wealth, hobbies & interests, plus more. Guiding them through powerful learnings and skills. Empowering them to strive for their dreams and goals, enhancing their life in all areas.

If you could change one thing about your industry, what would it be and why?

As a Certified Grief Educator, Life Coach, and the Global Self Directed Healing Practitioner Trainer & Mentor, I teach therapists, healers and practitioners from around the world, and have discovered that most do not know how to naturally and effectively process deep emotional pain. This is not something they are taught in their studies.

Society has evolved to suppress natural emotions to the point where it is extremely unhealthy. We do not know how to deal with deep grief and trauma, nor do we know how to support those who are experiencing loss. We are also expected to repress anger, and to numb our pain, as if it is abnormal to feel.

In Australia we have the 2nd highest rate in the world for prescribing medications for depression and anxiety. This is not okay and it’s alarming, especially when there are other options available, like Self Directed Healing, that are completely natural, that work, are fast and empower you to heal yourself.

Plus the Coaching industry is not regulated which means that anyone can call themselves a coach. This creates confusion because there is so much inconsistency in the delivery and quality of Coaching services.

What’s the main thing I need to know about healing?

That it is possible.

Everything we need is already within us. We just need to learn how to access it. It’s a skill we practice and build.

Our bodies talk to us, we need to learn to tune in, listen and give ourselves permission to feel.

The majority of disease in the body is caused by stress. Stress is indicated to cause 75 – 90% of disease in the body. Stress is an emotion and if your body is screaming at you, you need to pay attention and do something about it. There is nothing more important than your health & well-being.

It doesn’t matter how much pain, grief or trauma you are carrying or have buried, with the right Coach and Healer it is totally possible to heal.

What is one thing people can do, right now, today, to start Creating Change in their own life?

Get a Life Coach and do some Self Directed Healing. Simple. A Life Coach will fast-track your results and help you clarify what’s most important to you. Once you have an idea of where you’re heading, we begin identifying where you are now and mapping the steps needed to reach your goals.

It’s important to understand that self-sabotage is real. Limiting beliefs, conflicting values, and trapped emotional pain will block your path. Working with a Self Directed Healing Practitioner is a perfect compliment to Life Coaching.

What is your favorite aspect of what you do?

I literally have the honor and privilege of seeing people’s lives transform in front of my eyes, daily. It’s an absolute blessing.

I change peoples lives, it doesn’t get much better or more powerful than that.

Plus, through my work, I continually honor my son Aaron, everyday.

I consider Aaron and Self Directed Healing to be my 2 superpowers.