Discovering The Steps For Better Work-Life Balance

Discovering The Steps For Better Work-Life Balance

In today’s relentlessly busy world, juggling all the constant demands while maintaining balance sounds like a myth. Yet, we all have the power to create change in our lives.

The problem is that we’re not taught how to effectively do this. The majority of us don’t know how to keep the balance and create an extraordinary and successful life.

I’m here to share that it’s totally possible, and I’ll show you how.

Personal success has 3 key parts – showing up, doing the work, and playing full out.

What are the signs that you are ‘off balance’?

Firstly, how do you know if you don’t have balance and what should you be looking for?

Here are some pretty good indicators to watch out for, you are:

  • overtired and fatigued
  • Stressed out
  • Anxious
  • Overwhelmed
  • Demotivated
  • Lacking inspiration
  • Feeling stuck (in a rut)
  • Confused
  • Unhappy

And you probably feel there is never enough time for yourself or to do the things you really enjoy.

Running the house, managing your workload, and juggling the demands of the family and your life simply take over.

If you feel like you are relentlessly busy all the time, and it just doesn’t let up, that’s a pretty good sign that you are off balance.

When there’s no time left for your own personal fulfillment, rest, health, and well-being, it’s a problem and needs your attention.

Being in a constant state of unease is not sustainable. It will result in symptoms ‒ mental, emotional, and/or physical pain or illness.

Let’s take a step back for a moment. Prior to these signs appearing there are indicators that are worth watching for, here are a few of the main ones:

  • You lack clarity in relation to your personal vision. You do not have a strong sense of purpose and/or direction in life
  • You may have poor boundaries and are either not clear about what you need or not effectively communicating it
  • Poor productivity and organisational skills
  • You are focusing on low-value tasks
  • Limiting beliefs and mindset
  • You have not processed your old wounds, grief, and trauma
  • You are stuck, or procrastinating on the things that are important to you
  • Putting the majority of your energy and focus into one area of your life and neglecting others
  • You are a ‘people pleaser’, to your detriment
  • You don’t take time out for your own self-care

What do I need to do?

  • Recognise the signs of procrastination
  • Determine small actions you can start taking today
  • Work on your purpose of life statement (why are you here?)
  • Increase awareness of your ultimate vision
  • Focus on improving your current level of happiness and contentment
  • Do Self Directed Healing to process your past emotional pain and deep wounds
  • Work with a coach to improve your belief systems
  • Learn about improving your boundaries
  • Improve your self esteem and confidence
  • Prioritise your needs, well-being, and self-care.

There are many areas in our life that need focus, including:

  1. Career/profession
  2. Relationships
  3. Health & Wellbeing
  4. Interests and activities
  5. Wealth & Abundance

It’s no point having an incredibly successful career, if your relationships suffer.

It’s no point having a load of money in the bank if you have poor health.

It’s no point having a great relationship if you have no personal interests or passions.

It’s all about balancing the different aspects of your life, healing your inner world, prioritising yourself, and learning to process your emotions.

Working with a Life Coach is a fast-track way to get results and balance. Coaching is a very personal journey as each and every one of us is different.

It gives you a blueprint of what work-life balance is, for you, and your unique map of how to achieve it.

When you do this work, you will see a positive shift. It’s impossible not to.

Finding your purpose is about discovering your ‘northern star’. Once you get clarity around your dreams, personal vision, and goals – you can begin mapping out the pathway there. Breaking the journey into steps.

Managing our time and deciding what’s important to us is often a challenge. If you want to know more you can join our Master Your Time Master Your Life Online Program.

Doing the inner healing work enables you to process your deep emotional wounds so that you can reconnect with more love, joy, freedom, and inner peace. It builds confidence, trust, and self-esteem.

The distance between your dreams and your reality is called action.

Decide to take action because what we focus on is what we get. If you focus on improving the balance in your life and take strategic, consistent action toward it, it will improve.

If you’d like to know more, reach out to me via the Creating Change website, or social media platforms (links are below).

I work with clients around the world, online via zoom. You can book me 1:1 or join our Group Coaching Program.

You can start this journey today and be on your way to a life with more balance and meaning. It’s totally up to you.

On a final note, I’d encourage you to brainstorm a list of things that make you happy. Pick a couple of them and start doing that!

Creating Change’s work is focused on tapping into our full potential and living our best life, despite the many challenges that life presents.

I trust you’ve gained value from this article.

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Christy Roberts – Creating Change
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