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About Christy Roberts

Christy is the Global Self Directed Healing Practitioner Trainer, a Life Coach, Certified Grief Educator, and an Executive Contributor of Brainz Magazine. She is the Founder of Creating Change, and been recognised as a finalist in the 2023 Australian Small Business champion & the 2022 Australian Women’s Small Business Champion Awards.

She helps people journey through the toughest of life’s challenges, like grief, trauma, anger, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, feeling stuck, lost, disconnected, fearful, overwhelmed, stressed, and burnt out.

Christy has lived many of life’s ups and downs and understands first-hand deep emotional pain and profound grief after her teenage son, Aaron, tragically died in a car accident.

She now considers her love for Aaron to be her superpower and continually honours him through her work by helping others navigate some of their deepest, darkest times, towards living their best life.

Christy is passionate about unlocking our human potential, transforming mindsets, and supporting people to get out of their own way and live the life they were born to live.

She provides Coaching, Self Directed Healing, Workshops, and Educational Resources that positively impact people, leaders, and workplaces. Christy is driven to make a change in our society and culture so that we are more authentically connected to ourselves and living with passion and purpose.

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Goal Setting Workbook

Setting clear goals is like rocket fuel for humans. This simple workbook is a powerful resource, designed for thinking about your ideal future, and motivating you to turn this vision into a reality.

This 24-page Goal Setting Workbook takes you through a simple structure, you can easily follow to help you create some really cool goals for yourself.

Goals that are aligned with who you are as a person, with your values and beliefs.

When your goals align with what’s truly important to you, this naturally leads to intrinsic motivation, passion, purpose, and success.

Life Rewards Action, so reward yourself by downloading it now and getting started. Always remember, the most reliable way to predict your future is to create it.

Copy of Living with Grief eBook

The Living with Grief eBook

When we lose someone or something we love, we will grieve. It’s a truly human experience that is all too often misunderstood.

Creating Change is committed to helping people navigate the world of grief. Through education and other helpful resources, our goal is to make the often unacknowledged and challenging road of grief a little easier.

This eBook is packed with practical information, ideas and support. It includes:

  • What is Grief and how it affects us
  • The Grief Timeline
  • Tips for Grievers
  • Tips for Supporting those in Grief
  • How to Process Deep Emotional Pain

Download it now for yourself or for someone you care about.

Overcoming Self Sabotage Audio Podcast

Understanding Self Sabotage is a really important aspect of Creating Change in your life. Self-sabotage is universal. Everyone experiences it at some point, in their own unique way. It’s why we need to learn to understand it and self-manage.

In this podcast I will explain:

– what self sabotage is

– how it shows up

– how to recognise it

– what to do to overcome it

It’s your life’s journey to become the best versions of ourselves. Which means we need to master and overcome Self Sabotage along the way.

When Grief first hits (1080 × 1080px)

Coping Strategies for Acute & Early Grief

Death hits us hard, I know … it hit me like a freight train from out of nowhere.

This Educational Video is a priceless resource designed for those in the acute and early stages of grief, when it feels overwhelming and is just too much.

It’s packed full of tips and strategies to help you or someone you care about survive this deeply emotional and often brutal human experience.

It’s a content rich, valuable resource from a Coach, Healer, Certified Grief Educator, and a bereaved mother who understands the pain of traumatic grief.

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Break the Procrastination Cycle

Procrastination is a common pitfall that way too many of us fall into. When we procrastinate, our attention is diverted somewhere else or our time is filled up with meaningless tasks. 

This means we’re not focusing where we should be and it affects our capacity to get through our work or tasks that need to be done which impacts our experience of life. 

This fabulous resource not only explains why you procrastinate, but it will help you to understand your own procrastination patterns AND provide you with strategies to break these habits and cycles.

Thumbnail Resources How functional is your relationships Activity

How Functional is your Relationship?

Take the test now.

If you want to improve the quality of your relationship with someone or create new relationship goals, you’re in the right place.

This activity includes a list of standards for what a close, deep, functional, and healthy relationship looks and feels like.

You will self-assess yourself against these standards and use them to identify awareness, focus, and strategies for improvement.

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Goal Setting WorkBook

Grief eBook

Cycle Now

How Functional is Your Relationship?