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What Grief Actually Feels Like

This is a rare glimpse into the raw, human experience of traumatic grief. The pain rarely spoken about. In an effort to raise awareness and understanding I asked people from around the world who are deeply grieving to describe how it really feels.

Tips for Managing Anxiety

Do you or someone you care about or work with ever experience ANXIETY? For some, it can be completely overwhelming and affect your quality of life. In this video I share strategies you can use to help calm or quieten your anxiety.

Get Positive Outcomes & Results

Bad things happen to all of us, it’s part of the human experience and being alive.

BUT do you realise that the way you respond to these events, directly determines your outcome and result?

10 Tips for Dealing with Anger

Do you always express your anger in a ‘healthy’ way? This video explores what anger is, common causes of anger and most importantly, healthy ways to express it, so that it leaves your body and doesn’t become trapped and build up inside you.

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