Crucial conversations involve 3 key components: high stakes, differing views, and strong emotions. They may not involve big issues, but their outcomes can affect the quality of our workplace culture and our lives!

From Turmoil to Trust

Let me share with you the EXACT strategies to having your team thriving and working well together and solo.


Learn the Mindset & Tactical Strategies for Approaching Difficult Conversations in the Workplace

You’ve built your team, but you’re experiencing a plateau or even drop in performance & results - but you’re not sure why - or how to fix it - this workshop is for you.

We’ll be taking you through, step-by-step, our unique approach to having your team run, grow, and scale your business for you.

What You’ll Learn from this 2-Hour Workshop

How to Have The Difficult Conversations You Might Be Avoiding. Without Conversations for Accountability, there is no growth or capacity building in your Team. I will share the Mindset & Tactical Strategies for Approaching Difficult Conversations, and How to Ingrain this Approach into your Culture.

Our Unique, Practical Approach to Driving Commitment in your Team. If you find yourself micromanaging, feeling overwhelmed with unfulfilled requests, and needing to “just check in” on every minute of your team’s workday to make sure you’re getting the productivity you need. Then my unique approach is for you.

Powerful Coaching Strategies to Build Capacity and Help Your Team be Truly Engaged, Aligned & Thriving. Our targeted Coaching Methodology enables you to shift away from managing operational tasks and being the ‘go-to’ and shift towards the team owning the end-to-end of your business.

This Event Is For You If:

#1. You feel like your team or results have "plateaued", and you want to rediscover Exponential Growth.

#2. You struggle with the stress of having to follow up and rework your team's tasks, and want a Culture of Accountability. 

#3. There are power or politics challenges in your team, and you want to create Harmony and Alignment.

Meet Christy Roberts..

Christy is the Global Self Directed Healing Practitioner Trainer, a Life Coach, Certified Grief Educator, and an Executive Contributor of Brainz Magazine. She is the Founder of Creating Change, and a finalist in the 2023 Australian Small Business Champion and 2022 Australian Women’s Small Business Champion Awards.

With 20+ years HR & Organisational Development experience, working with leaders across the country, she brings a wealth of knowledge and practical application to all her programs.

In addition, she helps people journey through the toughest of life’s challenges, like grief, trauma, anger, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, feeling stuck, lost, disconnected, fearful, overwhelmed, stressed, and burnt out.

Christy is passionate about unlocking our human potential, transforming mindsets, and supporting people to live their best life, despite the challenges life can present.

She provides Coaching, Self Directed Healing, Workshops, and Educational Resources that positively impact people, leaders, and workplaces. Christy is driven to make a change in our society and culture so that we are more authentically connected to ourselves and living with passion and purpose.

Recent Client Feedback...

Christy's style is engaging and friendly, and she keeps it real. She really gets to the heart of the matter. Christy has such a great energy, oozes positivity and I always leave her presence feeling uplifted and inspired.

Angela Carter

Very friendly while being effective and result driven. She helped me realize my true potential. Christy is very professional, wise and grounded and during the sessions, she is fully present and committed to you. She has a wonderful calm presence.

Barinderjeet Kaur

Christy helped me re-discover who I am. For the first time in years I feel that I have a purpose, and I am working towards achievable goals.

Karen Markwick

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Learn the Mindset & Tactical Strategies for Approaching Difficult Conversations in the Workplace

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