Want to Increase Your Productivity, Efficiency and Output without Sacrificing Your Work-Life Balance?

How To Master Your Time

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Successful People know how to Manage Their Time. Learn to be More Efficient, Effective & Productive. These Proven Time Management Strategies are Woven into a Unique Combination - That Truly Works - to Maximise Your Ability to Get Stuff Done.


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You know what to do. It's a matter of how. If you've got a To Do List a mile long, and you need a system to get it all done without burnout... this is for you.

We’ll be taking you through, step-by-step, our unique, evidence-based approach to Mastering Your Time and getting more done with the time you have.

What You’ll Learn from this 4-Hour Virtual Workshop:

How to Effectively Prioritise & Manage Your Commitments. If everything is to be done, nothing will be done. We go beyond the basics of prioritisation, into the effective models of thinking that enable us to get the right things done at the right time.

 Our Unique, Practical Approach to Getting Things Done. We go beyond the To Do List, and make use of evidence-based approaches to tackling work, "hacking" productivity, and aligning energy with workflow.

 Powerful Coaching Strategies to Build Capacity and Help Your Team be Truly Productive & Effective. Our targeted Coaching Methodology enables you to shift away from managing your team's workload and shift towards the team owning their work and understanding their own productivity.

This Event Is For You If:

#1. You feel overwhelmed with what needs to get done, and you're not sure how to get it done in the time you have.

#2. You struggle to prioritise and get what matters most done - you're swamped by emails and other tasks.

#3. You want a system to effectively get things done - not just write the list, but get it all done at a high quality, every time. 

Meet Christy Roberts..

Christy is the Global Self Directed Healing Practitioner Trainer, a Life Coach, Certified Grief Educator, and an Executive Contributor of Brainz Magazine. She is the Founder of Creating Change, and a finalist in the 2023 Australian Small Business Champion and 2022 Australian Women’s Small Business Champion Awards.

With 20+ years HR & Organisational Development experience, working with leaders across the country, she brings a wealth of knowledge and practical application to all her programs.

In addition, she helps people journey through the toughest of life’s challenges, like grief, trauma, anger, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, feeling stuck, lost, disconnected, fearful, overwhelmed, stressed, and burnt out.

Christy is passionate about unlocking our human potential, transforming mindsets, and supporting people to live their best life, despite the challenges life can present.

She provides Coaching, Self Directed Healing, Workshops, and Educational Resources that positively impact people, leaders, and workplaces. Christy is driven to make a change in our society and culture so that we are more authentically connected to ourselves and living with passion and purpose.

Recent Client Feedback...

Doing the ‘Master Your Time’ workshop has been the best investment of 4 hours I have committed to in a long time. I instantly felt safe and supported in Christy’s care as we worked through some extremely valuable practical tools that have helped to pull me out of the exhausting rut I have been in for ages. I instantly signed up for coaching sessions at the end of the workshop so I can continue to learn and grow and make the lasting changes that I have been talking about for so long. I can finally see it happening now and I am fully motivated to take on the work.

Melanie Wilson

I am very glad that I attended Christy’s workshop despite my previous knowledge regarding time management. She really did a great job of pulling together well-known and not so well-known time management tools into a neat package that is practical and useful. The workshop was a good mix of theory and practice and I was inspired to start using the tools immediately. This has helped me already in having a better idea of what tasks to focus on in order to achieve my goals faster.


After attending Christy’s “How to Master my Time Workshop” I found my previous resistance to taking personal responsibility to this part of my life and business just kept me putting it off, always adding even more unscheduled things to complicate my life. It’s been my own belief until now, that organising my life could be hard, difficult or even complex, but now, with Christy’s workbook in hand I’ve already begun the pleasure of proactively prioritising tasks and scheduling my days and weeks ahead, and you know what? It feels liberating and wonderful already.


Christy, in her easy going, non-threatening and encouraging manner inspired me to take action to do the things I make excuses not to do. Her enthusiasm, passion and willingness to share personal examples and experiences is truly motivating and inspiring. Thank you Christy for making the time to present this workshop (and being great at improvising in a challenging situation). Honestly, I wondered how I could sit still long enough for 4 hours on a Saturday morning to do this workshop, but the time flew by and I could’ve easily come back for another 4 hours.


Christy delivered a powerful and high value workshop on Mastering your Time. It really got me to reassess the way I was using my time, and assisted me to tweak and shift my approach.

I have found it a powerful reminder and highly instructional workshop that delivers real tools which are making a measurable difference in my business productivity.


I recently attended Christy Roberts Creating Change How to Master Your Time Workshop. I find it hard to fit in all of the things that I want to do every day and tend to lose focus on tasks and skip from one to another or try to do 3 at a time! Christy’s workshop gave me tools and ideas for controlling my time and they have proven to be useful already! Thanks Christy. Keep up the good work!


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